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By default, cookies are enabled in your web browser. If your shopping cart from our store shows only one item after you have selected more than one or you're not able to finish the checkout process, it is because you or someone else has disabled cookies in your browser.

Cookies are tiny files of information that a web site stores on your computer. Normally you
would not want anyone, anywhere, storing an information file on your computer without your permission. But cookies can be very useful. For example, when you shop on line, the Web site can store a cookie file on your computer. This cookie file can store:

* What items you have bought before,
* What you have in your shopping cart, and
* Other convenient but non-private information.In some recent browsers.

Modify your security/firewall/anti-virus software settings
Security/firewall/anti-virus software can sometimes affect how browsers handle cookies. Please make sure you have cookies enabled in your software

Zone Alarm
Version 3.0 has a bug that causes a problem with Javascript failing to load properly. If you have this version, please make the following setting:

1. From Preferences menu choose Privacy.
2. Under Cookies Control select Off - Allows all cookies.
3. Under Ad Blocking select Off - Allows all ads.


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